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Breastfeeding Support Group Bob Korn Memorial Pool Out The Road: Camping and fishing at One-Eyed Pond, camping at John Gorse Road Overlook of Sheridan Riverbed, playing in the mud on the shores of the Copper at 27-mile on warm days. Silver fishing on the Eyak or Ibeck or other places out the road. When I was growing up, older kids played "town-tag" around town during the day because Cordova is a pretty safe place. I spent a lot of time at Child's Glacier as a kid but that's unfortunately not as accessible anymore. One of my all time favorite activities was beach combing for intertidal life. This can be done along Orca Road (especially at the end), at the little corner beach by old Cannery Row, or even right by the city dock. And of course Hartney Bay.

I absolutely love our ski hill. It's probably the most special place in the works to me because of all the memories I have there and how much FUN I had skiing and snowboarding growing up. It's truly a gem. It's unfortunate that we don't get to use it much or at all some years, but on years that we have snow it is just amazing.

For city/professional organized stuff there's Story Time for Little Ones (and does an older child summer reading program too), Tot Time, Tot Swim, Open Swim, Bidarki summer camps, maybe Science Center still does camps? Dance classes at Current Rhythms. Cordova Family Resource Center does kids art/lunch in the summer. Oh and free lunch May-Aug for kids 18 and under! Tot Lot, elementary school playground, and the Nettie Hanson park. There's currently a breastfeeding support group that meets weekly. Then there's the 9-mile sand pile, hiking/snowshoeing Haystack, Pipeline Lakes & McKinley Lake trails, lower Heney Ridge Trail, Ski Hill trail. Bike riding at Hartney Bay, mud tromping there as well at low tide, ice skating at Sheridan Glacier, Alaganik ponds, Lake Eyak when the conditions are good. Or swimming in Lake Eyak! Again, when the conditions are good. Hiking the Reservoir and swimming there is fun too in the summer! Scott River easement was pretty the other day! At low water, the rivers and sand bars are fun stomping grounds! Homeport has games, is it Friday nights? while parents can visit and have coffee. The CG wives are hosting kids movie night a couple/few times a year it seems! Cordova Arts sometimes hosts activities for kids each year from puppet show to magician. Iceworm Festival parade, Salmon Jam small fry activities. That's all I can think of for now. Great idea to compile a list!!